Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 2016 Shirtdress Sewalong, Now in 2017

I was looking for another set of photos when I fell on these. 
Remember the shirtdress sewalong in 2016?

This was mine.
A buck a pattern is my kryptonite. Still haven't sewn that backpack

Well, of course it's A Dress.

My choice was to run a panel down the center. 

Of course I have sketches. I've had a sketchbook in my other hand for ....I'm 58, ....48 years? Probably longer. And as ever, you can click on the photos to make them bigger.

I copied the pattern piece diagram because I'm lazy and I can.

The fabrics are by Julie Paschkis, for 'In The Beginning',  the Oceanica fabrics.
She writes about her process of designing fabrics, and the timing of it, in her blog. She is a generous soul, worth your attention.
from Loomshowroom, the fabric is now out of print.

I had the great honor of taking an illustration workshop with her some years ago, and I have followed her work ever since. I've had this set for maybe .....the store I special ordered them at is long long gone. That's how long.
Pacific Fabrics carries her work in the stores (not online it seems). 
It does sell out.

I'm a big girl now: I'm in the second size range!

Ah, this is what happened. I hung it up, I took a photo, and -
No. God no.
This is why we have photography.

So I recut.

Not as striking, but ...not as HEADLIGHTING either.

Lots of tape to finish the gathered skirt waist seam

I like to leave the selvage information somewhere in the item, so I can dash upstairs right now and tell you when this fabric was printed.


 Wonder tape to line the front panel bits up

The buttons were a stumper, and I was hoping to use two-tone vintage ones to agree with the colors

 I had two buttons. 

I've worn it twice since then. I love the fabrics, but...I dunno. And i'm missing a bunch of photos from this. I think by the time I got done with it, summer was pretty much over and I was just tired of it.

I will wear it to work tomorrow. 

Two buttons. Lots of snaps.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Summer Spa Break and Work Holiday

We are officially at the part of the summer where I'm working and photo downloading and editing is just not happening.

The Bernina has gone into the shop for it's spa treatments (and it's annoying automatic buttonhole that needs to be reprogrammed)(it is possible that I am the one that needs to be reprogrammed for the buttonhole). 

It will be back in two weeks. I hope it likes the seaweed scrub.

She purrs. I tell you, she purrs. Of all the crap used machines I've been stuck with over the years, I used all my eBay karma on this sweetheart, named for the lady who sold her to me. 

Becky the 3/4 Kenmore is back in first chair, and the Janome coverstitch is finally going to get put through it's paces to see what it can do.
And some teen sewing with mom camps are in the works.

I will mostly be on Instagram for a few weeks, as I can just snap a photo and put it up.
And I am working on longer posts as well. More pants, and more plaid button up shirts.

this is a copy of the pattern cover and the pattern was traced off and resized, as I am not a 12

collarless view B

I've been poking at this for a year. This photo is dated July 2016.

See you in a couple weeks!