Monday, September 18, 2017

Tastes Like Chicken Costume Edition 2017

This time of year, there is always much amusement for me in licensing of costume patterns.
I'll make believe this is not Belle. Or Elsa. from the McCalls catalog, in Joanns, this morning.

Do I really want to rehash this issue? I mean, it cracks me up that we pretend that McCalls and Vogue and Butterick are three different companies.
Oops. KwikSew too.
Further down that page

CSS Industries is....

What they are not, is Disney.

If you really want a rabbit hole of girly

Getting back to our real/faux mix of branded/licensed goods, Simplicity once again tops the entertainment pile.

They have a heady mix of official and unofficial costume pattern work.  
Sometimes both in one run (Retro and Regular Wonder Woman is licensed, Plus size Wonder Woman is not. Grateful she's there at all I guess. New Wonder Woman from the film is not a licensed pattern option)
She only got to size 16. I assume there's a lot of corset/gauntlet work going on out there in the workrooms, getting ready for the national holiday. I was a little surprised Yaya Han doesn't have a WWinspired  set.

 Simplicity's site is a wonderland. I do love that they've gone big for Lolita costumes (and I don't mean Nabokov). I personally am saving up for the Star Trek skant.

But this leaves me speechless.

For your consideration,

and over here:
Click on the photos to enlarge to inspect the deets.

Ralph Pink Battlesuit

The construction is different, therefore the written instructions are different.  And I have been led to believe by my lawyer friends that unless you file a patent on the process, the instructions are copyright protected, the illustrations are not.  Note: please see comments below for correction to this statement.

I have a great capacity to be pissed off for other people.  And that thing about 'you only really get a week before someone steals your idea' is true. Any expectation of a perpetual exclusive royalty is only available to an international organization with the ability and scope and MONEY to determine copyright law.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

What Not To Read: Advertising Links

I love the advertising brochures on the ferry boats.  Yes, we have legal weed in Washington. And Teatro moved to the eastside 

The internet is full of wonders. And advertising, because baby needs a new pair of shoes. 

I don't carry ads on this blog. This is no shade on anyone that does; I used to participate in a Mom/Dad Blog group that did embed ads, and I think over the course of the years I got....a dollar.  

What stops me is clickbait. You know, you click on the blog page, you click on a picture, and suddenly a host of pop up windows open like a swarm of locusts. My goal on this blog is to be as easy to read as possible, and as nonannoying as one can be when one is me. Therefore, I don't do the ads. I have links to my shops on Spoonflower and Craftsy and that's annoying enough. Also why I don't keep comments with ad links. Or comments from bots. Bots don't sew for themselves. Yet. 
This ad is right next to the regular content download button. Guess which one pulses? 

The website at work has Google Ad Sense links that inevitably screw some poor bastard up, because you cannot choose AdSense ads, you can only complain about them. Knock down one pulsing "Download Now" button next to your more sedate "Download" button (for content the user paid for), and another three appear. A real part of my job is just using the website to patrol for this stuff. 

I subscribe to and participate in Bloglovin' because it's handy. Several times a week, it sends out a roundup of style blogs, which I never go look at. For this post, however, I did click on one (and it doesn't matter which frankly, but it was about styling with sneakers) and the page won't stop loading. I have Ghostery on my browser, so I can see what inbedded ad trackers there are (because I do analytics on pages and I love to see what people are using) and that purple list is longer than the page is tall. 

The worst is Threads. Love you guys, but to watch the videos, I have to turn off Ghostery, and that means I open the door to the pop ups.

At the bottom of the Threads webpage,  there's two rows of photo links. The second row is Threads material from the same website. The first row is all faux stories/clickbait.

Reader: I fell for it.

And this is embarassing, because you've heard about this one: What Mature* Women Shouldn't Wear

From the website: It’s great when we feel much younger than we are. But it’s not great when it appears we are trying to look a whole lot younger—and not pulling it off! Sometimes we need to come to terms with our stage in life and begin to dress more appropriately. That’s not to say that we can’t have fun, but there’s nothing more aging (and embarrassing) than wearing trends that make you look silly at your age.

If you want to be classy and mature with grace, try avoiding these trends in this slideshow.

1. DANGEROUS DENIM: Low Rise, Bedazzled, Flared, Super Skinny Jeans

2. SEXY STILETTOS: Hooker Heels, Stripper Shoes
3. Silly socks
4 .Tacky tshirts
5 -   -  at this point, every time I click on the slide show, the site starts to add more popup windows, and I do not care for that sort of shenanigan. I love my tacky tshirts. Who are you, my mother? Oh no, you're an advertising farm. And no, grace is not in my rubric.

Hey, edited here! I went onto Threads just now and they have labeled those two rows of content, so that they are clearly identified as fish and foul. But check it out! 70 trackers! And the page keeps reloading and reloading so that it does not remain static. It's almost self-clicking.

On this topic: go read I Will Wear What I Like.  I love you, Man Repeller, but there is no such thing as Menocore (although the comments are a crackup). Don't fall for the bullshit. Get in on Visible Mondays. And of course, read Anne at Spygirl (keeping her in the roll as she belongs)

Wear what you want. If you wear it with your whole heart, you'll be amazing. 

There ya go. No ads. All links are clean, no subroutines, and hand pulled for freshness. 

*well of course. Mature? Me? 58, yes. Mature? Hell, no.
I have two trackers (I don't run Google ads and I don't know why that's there) and there they are. Technorati is eulogized here. If it's dead, why is this still here? Will report later. Gotta go mend some stuff)